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Current Weather and River Information
December 29, 2005
Currently, the rivers and levee systems are operating within design parameters.  Increased runoff and releases from reservoirs have raised the level of the river.  However, this is normal for the large amount of rain we are experiencing.  The Levee Districts, Reclamation Districts, and Sutter County Emergency Services are continuing to monitor the situation.  For more information on preparedness and to review river levels and forecasts visit the Sutter County Emergency Services Webpage.
Holiday Closure
December 21, 2005
On Friday and Monday, December 23rd & 26th, most county offices will be closed in observance of the Christmas Holiday.
Museum Store Stocked for Christmas
December 14, 2005
The Museum Store is being stocked with books and gifts just right for holiday giving. It's a great place to unique gifts you won't find anywhere else. The Museum Store features the biggest inventory of history books in the area and lots of creative gifts for adults and children. The bonus is that every time you patronize the Museum Store, you are helping to support the Museum. Be sure to check out the many wonderful choices available.
California's eRecycle Fee
December 12, 2005
When you purchase a new TV or computer monitor, you will be charged a recycling fee of $6-10, depending upon screen size.

This state law is designed to help create the nation's first eRecycling program. We'll keep harmful materials from millions of discarded electronic devices from ending up in landfills and in our water supplies. So for a few dollars, we can help protect California's environment, and help keep us all a little healthier.

For Sutter and Yuba County residents, the Yuba-Sutter Disposal facility in Marysville will process any eWaste or eRecyle items. Please visit the Yuba-Sutter Disposal website for further details.