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Helping Children Achieve Academic Success
September 20, 2005
We live in a time when success seems to be equated to being famous and making lots of money. A large portion of our current society glorifies athletic superstars, rock stars and singing divas, in spite of the fact that very few people can achieve such stardom and wealth. Unfortunately, the education level of a person does not seem to be held in high regard. The reality is that the level of education a person achieves is what is most likely to correlate with success in society. Fortunately, education in this country is available to everyone. It is never too late to learn and achieve success.
Sutter County Museum - State of Emergency Exhibit
September 13, 2005
The new traveling exhibit State of Emergency: Disaster Response in California opens on Thursday, October 6 with a program about Sutter County levees. The exhibit offers an historical overview of the last century of California disasters and the development of the state's Office of Emergency Services (OES). It surveys the last 100 years of California's disasters beginning with the 1906 earthquake. In dramatic color photos, it chronicles the past decade of disaster in California. The exhibit presents vivid images of this period, starting with the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. During this time period, every county in the state experienced at least one disaster.
New LIVE Television Show on Local Cable Channel 19
September 09, 2005
Toolbox For Tots: Parent Helpline is a new LIVE television show serving as a resource for parents. The program will air each Wednesday, beginning September 14 on local cable channel 19. The LIVE television program features professionals discussing a broad array of topics including early learning, health, language development, nutrition, interactive learning, holiday crafts, child development and local resource information. The LIVE format will provide viewers the opportunity to email or call in questions. Visit the Commission website for more information or to email your question for the show. For show times see the Tentative Broadcast Schedule. 
Increased Incidents of West Nile Virus in Sutter County
September 09, 2005
Last week, four new cases of WNV were reported for Sutter County bringing the total to seven. West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne disease that can cause debilitating illness and death to humans, birds, horses and other wildlife. Although no amount of mosquito control can eliminate diseases associated with mosquitoes, experts recommend the following simple precautions:

  • Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property
  • Reduce time spent outside at dawn and dusk
  • Apply insect repellant containing Deet
  • Cover exposed skin - wear long sleeves and pants
Controlling your Portions in a Super-Size-It World
September 08, 2005
When McDonald's opened its doors in 1955, the original fast food meal came in one size and contained 590 calories. Today, the average fast food meal is about 1350 calories. It's not only fast food portions that have gone wild, it's seen in all food types. From sodas to muffins to bagels to smoothies and coffee drinks, our food portions have grown exponentially in the last 20 years.
The Sutter County Hepatitis C Clinic is finally Open!
September 06, 2005
The Sutter County Health Department is pleased to announce the opening of the Hepatitis C Clinic that will serve the residents of Sutter County.

According to our latest statistics (2004), approximately 100 new cases of Hepatitis C are reported. We do not know the “real” number of residents who are infected with Hepatitis C since many are unreported. It is predicted that the real numbers of residents infected with Hepatitis C is much higher. Commonly reported are those persons who were infected with contaminated needles and those who were Vietnam Veterans.

Sutter County Wins Gold at 2005 State Fair
September 01, 2005
Sutter County keeps up its winning tradition by once again taking the Gold Ribbon for 1st place at the 2005 State Fair Counties Exhibits Competition.

Since 1995, Sutter County has participated and maintained a winning tradition in the Counties Exhibits Competition at the California State Fair. The county exhibits are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold plaque and rosette depending on the score received. The exhibits are judged on Content, Marketability, Craftsmanship, Creative Use of Products, Produce, Artifacts, Technology, Animation, Special Effects, Live Demonstration and Experience.

Well done Sutter!