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Weights and Measures Week: March 1-7, 2008
February 29, 2008
"Whether detergent, fruit or gasoline, I can trust I am getting what I pay for."

Every day, Americans make purchase decisions-at the grocery store and the gas pump, to pay a taxi fare, feed a parking meter, or order a delivery of home heating oil. These diverse "daily necessities" have one common ingredient: the trust you can have that everything you weigh, pump or measure is accurate because of a national weights and measures program.

It is the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) and your state and local weights and measures inspectors that ensure a reliable system-providing confidence that you will get what you pay for.

Weights and Measures:
Balancing the Marketplace

Weights & Measures Week
March 1-7, 2008

New Mini Grants Available
February 20, 2008
The Sutter County Children & Families Commission is pleased to announce the release of three new Mini Grant opportunities ,available for Day Care Providers, Day Care Centers and Community Organizations

Original mini grant applications are due in the Commission office Friday April 4, 2008 no later than 5:00pm. Postmarks, faxed or email applications will not be accepted.

Holiday Closure
February 11, 2008
On Monday, February 18th, most county offices will be closed in observance of Washington's Birthday.
National Flood Insurance Program
February 06, 2008
On February 5, 2008, The Division of Water Resources met with a representative from FEMA's Insurance Services Office to begin the application process of lowering the flood insurance premiums for Sutter County's residents located within the special flood hazard regions. The Community benefits by providing documentation of ordinances, engineering studies, standard operating procedures, mapping and public outreach efforts that verify adherence to the National Flood Insurance Programs guidelines.

The application process is expected to be completed next month with automatically-adjusted premium discounts effective after October 1, 2008. Staff is expecting to provide enough information during the first round of certification to improve the communities rating from "Class 10" to "Class 8", benefiting residents with a 10% discount on their yearly premiums. Additional effort in the near future may reduce Sutter County's flood insurance premiums as much as 30%.