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August is Child Support Awareness Month
July 31, 2009

Parents Given Opportunity to Reinstate Driver Licenses Suspended for Child Support Debts.

Child Support Awareness Month celebrates the key role parental emotional and financial support play in the well-being of our children, our most precious resource, helping them to become healthy, productive, and well-adjusted adults. California's Child Support Program provides important services enabling parents to be a positive influence in the lives of their children benefiting all who live and work in California.

In recognition of Child Support Awareness Month the Sutter County Department of Child Support Services is offering parents who have had their driver license suspended for non-payment of child support an opportunity to get it restored. The "Get Back on the Road Again" public awareness program targets parents who have had their license suspended because they did not meet their full child support obligations. The "Get Back on the Road Again" program is available to parents with child support cases in all California counties. This opportunity is available at each local child support agency throughout California during August 2009.

Parents interested in participating in the "Get Back on the Road Again" program may visit the DCSS website at for specific dates and county locations or may call toll free 1 (866) 901-3212.

For additional information call Jamie Murray, Director Sutter County Department of Child Support Services (530) 822-7338 x216 or email Jamie.

Sutter County Looks for 1955 Flood Stories for Video Archive
July 30, 2009

As part of its flood awareness outreach, Sutter County is seeking oral histories of the 1955 flood to record on videotape.

Forty people drowned at Yuba City when a Feather River levee collapsed just past midnight on Christmas Eve, 1955. Flooding also occurred at Nicolaus, as well as in southern Butte County.

Some 600 helicopter rescues occurred in the hours after the levee breech, and hundreds of people survived by climbing onto cars, buildings and trees.

Sutter County is inviting potential participants to contact Public Information Officer Chuck Smith, at 822-7100, to schedule a time to be interviewed and videotaped. The material will be used in public information outreach programs about flooding and archived for posterity.

Sutter County is also interested in any still or motion pictures of the flood.

Submit Road Service Requests Online
July 20, 2009
We are pleased to announce the ability to submit Road Service Requests as an Online Service through the Sutter County website. You, the citizen are our best asset, and we appreciate your assistance in letting us know about potential concerns and hazards. Services such as removing an animal carcass, road or shoulder damage, downed trees, removing visual obstructions, and repairing damaged signs are just a few of the duties performed by our Road Division.

Please use this service as a way of notifying the Road Department of problem areas throughout the County. The form is for you to identify specific issues and direct us to them so that we can respond promptly and courteously. Thank you for your valuable input.

Service requests are administered by the Road Division of the Sutter County Public Works Department.

Sutter County History Display
July 14, 2009
Sutter County's entry in the Yuba-Sutter History Fair at the Yuba-Sutter Mall July 11 was entitled “How Sutter County Genius Shaped The World.” It detailed how Yuba City native John J. Montgomery was the first American to pilot an airplane, 20 years before Orville and Wilbur Wright, and how experiments on a Sutter County farm were the genesis of Caterpillar Inc., which is now a $45 billion a year multinational company.