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Mandatory Flood Insurance Rates Slashed 20 Percent in Sutter County
October 25, 2010
Efforts by Sutter County officials to reduce the threat to human safety and the potential for damages associated with flood events have resulted in a 20 percent decrease in the cost of flood insurance premiums in special flood hazard areas, which will save property owners millions of dollars.

In a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency dated Oct. 12, Sutter County was notified that its floodplain management activities, including the enforcement of building codes and an extensive community outreach program, have resulted in the lowering of the costs of insurance premiums for those owners who were re-mapped into special flood hazard areas in 2008, and will in the future benefit those who are expected to be re-mapped into special flood hazard areas in 2012.

Haunted Health Fair
October 21, 2010
Come to the Haunted Health Fair! We have healthy tricks for your Halloween treats.

Where: Sutter County Public Health
1445 Veterans Memorial Circle, Yuba City

When: October 27 from 3:30-6PM

Who: For trick or treaters of all ages.