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Vote For A Sutter County Flag Design
April 22, 2011
Two members of Sutter Buttes 4-H have won permission from the Sutter County Board of Supervisors to finalize designs for an official Sutter County flag.

Members of the public are being invited to participate in the process of creating a Sutter County flag by voting on which of three designs they prefer.

Franklin Tarke and Francisco Ruiz are Sutter County delegates to the 4-H California Citizenship Conference for high school 4-Hers at the state Capitol in June. The event immerses 4-Hers in the history and political processes of California.

For a traditional procession, attendees are asked to bring a “County flag.” Because Sutter County has no official flag, however, attendees from Sutter County in the past have either had no flag for the procession or have made their own.

Attendees are also required to perform a citizenship project in the county, so Mr. Tarke and Mr. Ruiz decided to make their project the creation of an official county flag.

To do that, they are learning to engage their local government. On April 11, they presented several design options to the Sutter County Agriculture, Public Protection and General Government Committee, and secured the Committee’s enthusiastic support for the project.

On Tuesday, April 19, the two Sutter High School students made a presentation to the five-member Board of Supervisors, and again won enthusiastic support. Supervisors directed that three of the possible flag designs presented by the youth be placed on the County’s website and that residents be allowed to vote on the design.

On Tuesday, May 3, the Board of Supervisors will vote on the final design.

To vote for your favorite, see the three "rough draft" flag options entitled A, B and C accompanying this article. Choose your favorite and vote by sending an email to [email protected] before the end of the day Sunday, May 1.

Individuals should vote just once. Multiple votes from the same email address will require the names of each individual voting to be considered.

Each of the three designs employs the official County seal and includes the year that Sutter County was created, 1850. (Sutter County was one of the original 27 counties of California).

Options A and C both utilize an outline of the Sutter Buttes borrowed from the Sutter County Historical Society. Option B utilizes an outline of the County boundaries with a star denoting the location of Yuba City, the County seat.

The youth are also accepting financial assistance to pay for a professional graphic designer to put the finishing touches on the chosen flag design, and to assist in purchasing flags.

Vote For A Flag  (May 1st Deadline)
1) View the flag options.
2) Email your vote to [email protected].
Tisdale Boat Ramp Reopened
April 20, 2011
The Sutter County Public Works Department announced today that Tisdale Boat Ramp at the Tisdale Weir is re-opened on a limited basis, meaning the launch facility and parking lot are open but there is no garbage and bathroom service at this time.

Sutter County Public Works crews cleaned up debris left behind by the swollen Sacramento River, including brush and uprooted trees, to re-open the boat ramp and parking lot. Several trees were quite large.

Spring runoff of an abundant snow supply could cause the Sacramento River to rise and force the closure of the Tisdale Boat ramp again.

Access to Mosquito Beach on the Feather River at Yuba City is also open, the Public Works Department announced.

Children’s Spring Vacation Program at Museum
April 20, 2011
The Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County is hosting a children’s spring vacation program on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. at the Museum. Featured are “The Greek Grannies”, who are Aondrea the Storytailor and Marilyn the Muse. They will tell and perform in costume four famous myths in a brand new program.

The program is open to the public, and admission is free. The Museum is located at 1333 Butte House Road in Yuba City. Regular open hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and noon to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Admission to the Museum is free. For more information, call the Museum at 822-7141.

River Valley High School Art Exhibit
April 20, 2011
Our latest exhibit comprises the work of the River Valley High School Art Department. All of the artwork is by the students. The exhibit opens on April 20 (5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) and runs through May 6 during normal opening hours.
Transfer of Operation of Sutter County Outpatient Clinic
April 19, 2011
Beginning June 6, 2011, Peach Tree Healthcare will take over operation of the Sutter County Outpatient Clinic. Peach Tree Healthcare will continue the County’s health care programs previously provided by the Sutter County Outpatient Clinic in the same location at 1445 Veterans Memorial Circle as Sutter County PeachTree Clinic.

Dr. Cherry Wy and Yvonne Jackson, FNP will continue to provide health care at the Sutter County Peach Tree Clinic. In addition, a Primary Care Physician will be providing primary care services. Your care on June 6, 2011 will be transferred to the healthcare providers of the Sutter County PeachTree Clinic. If you want to continue to be seen at the Sutter County PeachTree Clinic, there is no need to do anything.

Governor Declares State of Emergency
April 18, 2011
Gov. Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency in 19 counties, including Sutter, on Friday. While authorization was given to Caltrans to request federal funds to repair the 10th Street Bridge and other roadways, the governor did not approve the use of California Disaster Assistance Act funds, leaving funding unaddressed to repair the damaged portion of the northern Natomas Cross Canal Levee at Verona.
Flood Damage Estimate Expands to $4.1 million
April 06, 2011
Sutter County notified the California Emergency Management Agency on Monday, April 4, that the estimate of damage from the storms of March 2011 had grown to $4.1 million, after additional cracking was discovered on the northern Natomas Cross Canal Levee at Verona.

Sutter County Emergency Operations Manager John DeBeaux Jr. said a crack approximately 100 feet long was discovered approximately 300 feet west of a section of levee that first developed cracking on March 21. Reclamation District 1001 officials continue to monitor the situation.

Mr. DeBeaux informed the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night that it appears that at least 800 to 1,000 feet of levee will have to be replaced. Engineers will inspect the levee to get a better estimate of damage and cost, Mr. DeBeaux said.

The levee, which protects the Nicolaus basin, is not in imminent threat of failure. Water in the Natomas Canal is well below flood stage. Reclamation District 1001 officials continue to monitor the levee around-the-clock.

Last week, Sutter County reported $2.1 million in damages, including $2 million to repair the damaged levee. The estimate to fix the levee is now $4 million, bringing Sutter County's existing estimate to $4.1 million.

Heavy rains and large releases from upstream reservoirs in March raised river levels and led levee officials throughout Sutter County to begin levee patrols. On March 22, Sutter County's Board of Supervisors declared a local state of emergency after Reclamation District 1001 reported that one of its patrols spotting cracking and slipping on its levee about 1 1/2 miles east of the Sacramento River at Verona.

All points along the Sacramento River and the Sutter Bypass are running below monitor stage, Mr. DeBeaux reported. Releases from Shasta Reservoir have diminished and river levels are scheduled to drop further.

A heavy snowpack remains in the mountains that feed the reservoirs and conditions can change rapidly depending on weather.

April 04, 2011
The "Colors" exhibit of artwork at Sutter County Community Memorial Museum eopened on Friday. It is a collection of photography, mixed media, clay, drawings, paintings, and sculpture, presented by the students of the Art Department of Yuba City High School. All of the artwork is by students.

The exhibit runs from April 01 to April 15.