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Filing Deadline March 7 for June Primary
February 26, 2014

The filing deadline to appear as a candidate on the June 3, 2014 primary ballot is fast approaching.

On Monday, February 24, incumbent Third District Congressman John Garamendi filed nomination documents at the Sutter County Elections Office. Sutter County Elections Official Donna Johnston said the deadline to file to be placed on the ballot is March 7, unless an eligible incumbent does not file, in which case the period extends to March 12.

Candidates who have returned papers and have qualified for the June 3 ballot (as of Tuesday, February 25) are Steve Harrah, incumbent Treasurer-Tax Collector; Todd Retzloff, incumbent Assessor; Donna Johnston, incumbent Clerk-Recorder; J. Paul Parker, incumbent Sheriff; Perry Parker, incumbent Superior Court Judge; Chris Chandler, incumbent Superior Court Judge; and James Sharpe, who is running for Auditor-Controller.

Several individuals are circulating nomination documents.

PICTURED: Congressman John Garamendi and Clerk-Recorder Donna Johnston.

Water Conservation Tips
February 10, 2014
This weekend storms were a godsend but California is still in the worst drought on record. Imagine a 5-gallon bucket that needs to be filled for a normal water year – we only added about 10-ounces to that deficient bucket. Let’s all work to conserve our most precious resource.

How to decrease your consumption of 192 gallons of water per person per day (California average):

  • Waiting for hot water at the tap, including the shower? Collect that cold water in a pitcher or bucket and use it to water your houseplants, fill the dogs bowl, cook with it, or even fill the washing machine tub.
  • Are your showers taking longer than 5 minutes? A low-flow shower head discharges 15 gallons in 5 minutes, so for every minute you’re not scrubbing down 3 gallons are being wasted. A bath requires 35 gallons of water
  • On average, a top-loading washing machine uses 40 gallons per load, so fill the washer up with clothes not precious water.
  • Washing dishes by hand can use up to 30 gallons, a dishwasher (full of course) only 10.
  • Fix that leaking faucet and save 5 gallons per day (at one drip per second).
  • Converting to low-flow fixtures conserves water by over 400-percent, and in addition, 43-percent of your hot water costs.
  • Cut your lawn at 3 inches or higher. It will conserve water by allowing the roots to grow deep to reach the wetter subsoil and prevent sunburnt patches.
  • Summertime deep (3/4 – 1 inch) and infrequent (every 3rd – 4th day) watering during the pre-dawn hours promotes lawn health.
  • That front lawn may need water but not the sidewalk or street. Adjust your sprinklers so they water the lawn only. Did you know one leaking sprinkler wastes 500 gallons per month?
  • Mulch the garden and landscape plants to cut evapotranspiration and thereby watering.
  • Washing the car using a hose wastes 100 gallons of water; a bucket and sponge only 10.
  • Do not wash that driveway down otherwise you’ll waste 150 gallons!
For More Water Saving Tips: - Plenty of suggestions
Holiday Closure
February 10, 2014
On Monday, February 17th, most county offices will be closed in observance of Washington's Birthday.