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Zika Virus and Sutter County
February 09, 2016

An outbreak of Zika virus in the tropical parts of the Americas is causing great concern because of a possible link to a serious birth defect. Our understanding of Zika virus and guidance on how to protect ourselves and our families is evolving very rapidly. The two types of invasive mosquitos that can spread Zika virus to people have been found in Southern and Central California, but have not reached Sutter County. Sutter County has had one returned traveler with Zika virus two years ago who recovered.

There is no identified risk of becoming infected with Zika virus in Sutter County at this time, but it is important to always prevent mosquito bites because they can carry other viruses, including West Nile Virus.

Fact sheets are available about Zika virus in general and about Zika virus in Sutter County.

Holiday Closure
February 08, 2016
On Monday, February 15th, most county offices will be closed in observance of Washington's Birthday.