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Board of Supervisors Directs Preparation Of Emergency Moratorium Ordinance On Commercial Trucking Operations In Unincorporated Sutter County
September 13, 2017

The Sutter County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, September 12, voted to direct staff to draft an urgency ordinance establishing a moratorium on new commercial trucking operations in the unincorporated areas of Sutter County.

An urgency ordinance would put existing applications on hold and restrict County staff from accepting new applications for 45 days. The Board could vote to extend the moratorium if necessary.

The Board will consider the draft ordinance at its meeting on October 10.

Supervisors have received multiple complaints about the impacts commercial trucking operations are having on residential neighborhoods, particularly in and around the intersection of Oswald Road and Highway 99. Residents say they fear increasing truck traffic and other impacts. They also complain about the noise of trucks being worked on late into the night.

Commercial trucking is an important job creator. Truck drivers told the Board there are between 1,500 and 2,000 people in Sutter County working in the trucking industry.

On August 22, the Board of Supervisors formed an Ad Hoc Commercial Trucking Committee of Supervisor Dan Flores and Supervisor Ron Sullenger. The purpose of the committee is to review the county’s policies and procedures regarding the location, permitting, and enforcement of conditions associated with the operation of commercial truck yards.

A moratorium would allow the Ad Hoc Committee and staff time to complete their work before any new trucking operations are allowed, and allow the County time to study potential improvements at the intersection of Highway 99 and Oswald Road.

There are six pending applications for either new trucking operations, conversion of agricultural trucking operations to commercial operations, or expansion of existing commercial trucking operations.

It will take a 4/5 vote for the draft ordinance to be adopted and go into effect immediately.

Residents asked how they can contact a code enforcement officer when trucking operations create noise, or dust, or other nuisances. The phone number for Development Services is 530-822-7400. An anonymous complaint form is available online on the Sutter County website.