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Devastated By Rain And High Winds, Prune Losses Contribute To Overall Drop In 2016 Sutter County Crop Values
September 20, 2017

A tough year for prunes led to a 4.4 percent drop in Sutter County’s crop values from 2015 to 2016, according to Sutter County Agricultural Commissioner Lisa Herbert.

The Agricultural Commissioner issued the 2016 Sutter County Agricultural Report to County Supervisors on Tuesday, reporting agricultural production at $514 million, down 4.4 percent from the $544 million reported in 2015.

Rice remains the top ranking crop in 2016 with a total value of $127 million. Though still in a drought, water allocations increased in 2016 attributing to a rise in acreage by 27 percent. The total value of walnuts increased 53% in 2016 due to higher acreage and yields, rising to $118 million after crashing to $77 million in 2015.

Prunes were hit the hardest by inclement weather in March. The prune crop was devastated, leading to a 54% loss in production and 55% loss of total value. At a total production value of $24 million for 2016, prunes dropped from third to seventh place after a total production value of $54 million in 2015, Herbert said.

Processing peaches ($56 million), nursery products ($35 million) and processing tomatoes ($34 million), and almonds ($31 million) rounded out the top crops.

For an online copy of the report visit this link: