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Download Smartphone App to Get Emergency Messages from Sutter and Yuba Counties
October 22, 2018

The Sutter County Office of Emergency Management is launching a new emergency notification system for the entire county. The system will be used to issue emergency notifications and critical information to the entire county, including the cities of Live Oak and Yuba City.

The Code Red system newly deployed in Sutter County is the same vendor that provides emergency notification capabilities to Yuba County.

Sign up to receive emergency notifications from the Sutter County Office of Emergency Management at

Sign up to receive emergency notifications from the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services at

It is recommended that if you live in one county, and work in the other, you register with both Yuba and Sutter counties.

Land lines will automatically be uploaded into the Code Red system. However, if you want to receive notification on a mobile device, or if your home phone is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), you should register to receive notifications at or, and/or download the smartphone app.

If you previously signed up for emergency notifications through Nixle, you will need to re-register with Code Red to continue to receive emergency messages from Sutter County.

You can also receive Code Red notifications to your smartphone by downloading the Code Red app. When you download the app, you will receive messages on your smartphone whether you are in Yuba County or Sutter County.

The app is free to use, but the vendor offers additional paid features. It is not necessary to purchase anything to receive Code Red emergency notifications.

The Code Red app is a free download that allows subscribers to receive notifications directly to their mobile device when they are in a jurisdiction which relies on Code Red for emergency notifications. Sutter County, Yuba County, Butte County, and Nevada County all use Code Red. Messages can include text and/or audio and feature a map with location of the warning area.

Code Red is available on iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Use a QR code reader to scan the code to download the app. Or register at