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Behavioral Health Mobile Service Plan Posted for Public Review and Comment
May 23, 2019

To increase access to behavioral health care for underserved groups experiencing difficulty engaging in outpatient behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment services, Sutter Yuba Behavioral Health Services proposes to establish a mobile, field-based approach prior to and after hospitalization, in consumer homes, homeless encampments, emergency rooms, and in law enforcement or other community settings.

Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health (SYBH) invites community members to review this plan, which is a proposed Innovation project under the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). The draft project proposal is posted for 30 days for public comment and review from May 6 – June 5, 2019 and can be accessed at the following link on Sutter County’s web-site.

Under the plan, the outreach team will serve individuals who, for a variety of reasons, including inadequate family support, negative past experiences with behavioral health care, discrimination and/or isolation because of a behavioral health illness, do not obtain services at Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health’s building. The program will be modeled on similar successful programs in other locations.”

Innovation funding under MHSA allows counties to implement approved projects that:

  • Increase access to behavioral health care to underserved groups
  • Increase the quality of services, including measurable outcomes
  • Promote interagency & community collaboration
  • Increase access to services

Innovation projects can introduce new mental health practices or approaches, make a change to an existing mental health practice or approach, or apply to the mental health system a promising community-driven practice or an approach that has been successful in non-mental health contexts or settings.

For questions or to submit a comment on the posted plan please contact Peter Sullivan at [email protected]

MHSA (Proposition 63) was passed by California voters in November 2004 to expand mental health services for children and adults. The Act is funded by a 1% tax surcharge on personal income over $1 million per year.