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Sutter County Increases Transparency of Local Election Campaign Documents
June 12, 2019

Despite the failure of the State Legislature to pass a bill to increase local election campaign transparency, Sutter County Registrar of Voters Donna Johnston has ordered the addition of pages on the County’s website to meet some of the goals of legislation proposed by Assemblyman James Gallagher.

Earlier this year, the Sutter County Board of Supervisors signed on to formally support legislation by Gallagher to require online posting of campaign finance documents.

The legislation, Assembly Bill 322, stalled in the Assembly Appropriations Committee earlier this year, but will be taken up by the Committee in 2020.

Sutter County Elections staff has added Campaign Finance information to their website in support of Gallagher’s bill.

Sutter County Elections has created an additional webpage with uploaded campaign statements for the 2020 election cycle contests.

These include the Board of Supervisor contests for Districts 1, 3 and 5.

Additional campaign statement filings will be added for future election filings.

Sutter County Registrar of Voters Donna Johnston stated that this is an important project for the department as it expands election related information to the public.

The link to the webpage can be found at under the Campaign Finance Information section.

"I commend Donna Johnston and her team in making campaign finance documents more readily available to the public online," said Gallagher. "In the State Legislature, I will continue to work with Sutter County and all stakeholders to further promote transparency in the election process."