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Several Dozen Tour Refurbished Bi-county Psychiatric Facility
July 15, 2019

PHF tour group photo The Sutter Yuba Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) recently received new flooring, paint, ceiling and fire sprinklers. This was completed to ensure that the unit met required standards for inpatient care.

Prior to re-opening the facility to new patients, Sutter Yuba Behavioral Health Services opened the facility to county leadership and staff to visit and tour. The tour highlighted the excellent work done by Development Services and General Services in completing the upgrades.

During the tour, visitors received an overview of the history of the psychiatric health facility, which was licensed and began operating in 1983, information about the history of inpatient care in California, and a description of all services provided on the unit, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and serves about 290 folks annually.

Members of the Board of Supervisors of both Sutter and Yuba counties, administrative staff, probation and sheriff’s department officials from both counties, Yuba City police officers, and Rideout Emergency Room staff also attended the tours. In all, about 70 individuals participated in the tours conducted late last week.