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Sutter County Supervisors Appoint Steve Smith County Administrative Officer
September 04, 2019
Steve Smith

The Sutter County Board of Supervisors has appointed Steven M. Smith, a 10-year veteran of the County Administrative Office, as County Administrative Officer.

Smith was serving as the interim County Administrative Officer since the position became vacant in January. The appointment was made by unanimous vote on Tuesday, August 27, and it became effective August 31.

In thanking the Board for the appointment, Smith told them: “I am also thankful for the support and hard work of my colleagues in the County Administrator’s Office both past and present and for the tremendous support of the department heads and employees of the County.”

Steve Smith came to work for the County Administrative Office in 2009, under then CAO Larry Combs. Hired as a Deputy CAO, he was working as the Assistant County Administrative Officer under former CAO Scott Mitnick.

His primary focus up until the past year has been on development of the County’s budget. He has worked with every department and every department head in the past decade.

Prior to joining Sutter County, he spent seven years working for Contra Costa County, first as Assistant Director of Nutritional Services for the Health Services Department at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and later, after earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, as Administrative Services Officer in the Building Inspection/Conservation and Development Department.

He said one of his priorities is to ensure the County does everything it can to support commercial and residential development identified in the Sutter Pointe Specific Plan for south Sutter County, while ensuring the development pays for itself. Developers have indicated they may break ground next year.

Other priorities include sorting out the homeless situation, consolidating County offices (including opening 850 Gray Avenue for Health and Human Services), securing funding for continuation of fire services in the unincorporated areas of the Yuba City basin, and building on positive relationships with the cities of Yuba City and Live Oak, and the County of Yuba.