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Sutter County Recorder unveils online recorded maps
November 25, 2019

Sutter County Clerk-Recorder Donna Johnston unveiled today an online searchable database of maps recorded in Sutter County.

Developed with the county Information Technology Department, the Geographic Information System (GIS) based model expands map data available online.

“This system brings our maps into the digital age,” said Clerk-Recorder Johnston. “Now any Sutter County citizen can find recorded map data regarding their property such as lot lines, parcel numbers, survey monuments, etc., easily from their phones, desktops and tablets.

“This project was an innovative joint effort with the County’s IT Department, and the County’s GIS Specialist, Jarvis Jones,” she said.

To locate this new map data from the Sutter County website, click on the Recorder’s webpage, then click on Maps which will take you to the map index. There you can search for recorded subdivision maps, parcel maps, record of survey maps and other information.