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No stamp mail-in ballot
February 07, 2020

You don't need a stamp to cast a mail-in ballot

No postage stamp is needed when you are returning your mail in ballot in the envelope provided by the Sutter County Elections Office.

Sutter County Clerk Recorder/Registrar of Voters Donna Johnston reminds voters that postage is pre-paid.

Here are the steps for successfully voting by mail:

  • You must mark your own ballot for your vote to count.
  • Put your ballot in the envelope provided.
  • You must sign your own envelope for your vote to count.
  • Drop it in the mail. It is postage paid!
  • It must be postmarked by Election Day- March 3, 2020.

Once you’ve mailed the ballot, you can also track it with the Secretary of State’s “Where’s My Ballot?” application. Voters can sign-up at to receive notifications about their vote-by-mail ballots by email, SMS (text), or voice call.

Voters who sign up for the “Where’s My Ballot?” tool receive automatic updates when:

  • The County elections office mails the voter’s ballot
  • The County has received the voter’s ballot
  • The County has counted the voter’s ballot
  • If there are any issues with the voter’s ballot