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Counties Authorize $20,000 to Seed Community Volunteer Effort to Aid Most Vulnerable During Coronavirus ‘Stay at Home’ Order
March 24, 2020

The Boards of Supervisors of Yuba County and Sutter County today authorized a combined $20,000 contribution to a community organized effort to assist chronically ill seniors with grocery and prescription shopping, and restocking the shelves of the area’s food banks.

In separate actions, the Boards of Supervisors each authorized $10,000 to seed the efforts of the Yuba-Sutter COVID-19 Relief Task Force, a group of local volunteers who will work with the United Way to coordinate efforts, and with Health and Human Services Departments from both counties to identify and assist those 65 years of age and older with chronic health conditions, so they can remain at home and still have food and prescription needs met.

The group conducted an online meeting Monday night to discuss the mission and structure of the organization. Practicing social distancing, some two dozen attended the meeting in person in the chambers of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors.

Replenishing supplies at local food banks is critical. Food banks lean quite heavily on oversupplies at grocery stores. Mass purchases of canned food items and other items with long shelf lives by anxious shoppers has put increased pressure on the grocery store supply chain and food bank donations have dropped precipitously.

“There are a number of food banks that are out of food. They are zero and they can’t provide service to our communities,” said Yuba County Supervisor Randy Fletcher, who was among those at Monday night’s meeting.

“This is an important step to help immediately replenish the food banks and pantries,” said Sutter County Board Chair Ron Sullenger.

Organizers of the Yuba-Sutter COVID 19 Relief Task Force said that once they are satisfied they are meeting the needs of the chronically ill seniors, they will then focus on seniors who are not chronically ill, and, with time, the needs of the general community.

For information about joining the community effort to assist financially, as a volunteer, or with donations of canned goods during the ‘stay at home’ order, contact the Yuba-Sutter COVID-19 Relief Task Force at 530-682-5348.