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Sutter County Gross Agricultural Production Value up 14.7% from 2018
November 19, 2020

Sutter County’s 2019 crop and livestock values increased 14.7 percent over the previous year, to more than $698 million, according to the annual Sutter County Crop and Livestock Report released this week.

Overall values were estimated at $698,680,000 in 2019 compared to $609,058,00 in 2018, according to Agricultural Commissioner Lisa Herbert.

Rice remains the top-ranking crop in 2019 with a 22.3% increase in acreage. A slight decrease in yield was offset by an increase in price pushing the total value to $214,145,000. In second place, walnuts total value increased 48.4% to $127,526,000 due to an increase in yield and price. Prunes rose one spot to third with increases in acreage, yield and price to a total value of $62,691,000. Rising to fourth from sixth, processing tomatoes had a 33.6% increase in acreage and slight increase in price to a total value of $51,666,000. Clingstone peaches fell from third place to fifth due to decreases in acreage and yield to a total value of $49,984,000. In sixth, nursery products total value fell to $41,102,000 due to a 38.3 % decrease in quantity sold. Almonds held seventh place with slight decrease in acreage with increases in yield and price to a total value of $39,866,000.

The report is prepared based on estimates provided by growers. It reflects estimated gross values only and does not reflect net profits or losses to the producers.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the cooperation of all the growers, organizations and individuals who provided us the data that allows this report to be compiled,” Herbert said.

To see the entire report, visit this link: