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Board Hires Scott Mitnick As New Sutter County CAO
January 04, 2017

Following a lengthy strategic planning and recruitment process, Scott Mitnick, who managed the City of Thousand Oaks for 11 years and currently works as a senior investment banker with a public finance company in Los Angeles, was appointed County Administrative Officer of the County of Sutter.

The Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 Tuesday night to approve a contract with Mitnick, whose 27 years in senior leadership positions in local government include a three-year stint as the Assistant City Manager of Yuba City in the late 1990s. The new CAO reported to work on Wednesday.

"Scott’s knowledge, experience and professionalism will benefit Sutter County tremendously," said Supervisor Dan Flores in recommending Mitnick’s hiring. "We were very impressed with his accomplishments and his directness, as were members of the citizen’s panel that interviewed him as part of the hiring process."

"Scott has a solid grasp on public financing, budgeting, labor relations, relations with elected leadership, relations with the public, and on the concept of team building," said Supervisor Jim Whiteaker, who joined Flores in making the recommendation to the full Board of Supervisors. "He helped a divided City Council in Thousand Oaks become stable, productive, and forward thinking. He sees the big picture and that is what you need in a CAO."

Mitnick emerged as the top candidate out of 26 who sought the position previously held by James Arkens, who was informed in October of 2015 his contract would not be renewed. Curtis Coad is the current interim CAO.

Mitnick’s career in public employment began as a Budget Analyst with the City of Brea in 1986. He worked for the City of Burbank for seven years as a Financial Analyst, Project Manager, Assistant to the City Manager, and Budget Officer.

From November of 1996 to December of 1999, Mitnick worked as the Administrative Services Director of Yuba City, where he functioned as the Assistant City Manager and the Finance Director.

He was hired as Deputy City Manager in Thousand Oaks in January of 2000, and served as Assistant City Manager from 2003 until his appointment as City Manager in 2005, a position he held until the City Council terminated his contract in July of 2016.

He is currently employed as a Managing Director in Public Finance in the Downtown Los Angeles office of St. Louis-based Stifel, Nicolaus and Company, Incorporated.

After a series of City Managers came and went in Thousand Oaks, Mitnick stepped in as interim. Recognizing an improved environment at City Hall, the City Council suspended a search for a City Manager and gave the full-time job to Mitnick. He helped a divided Thousand Oaks City Council work more efficiently, and guided the City of Thousand Oaks through the recession with a series of budget reductions that did not materially reduce public services. Mitnick is especially proud of the first-rate Executive Team he built over the past decade, along with the high-performance overall City organization that is well-respected throughout California

"After many years of working for cities, and the past few months in the private sector, I welcome this new and exciting opportunity to broaden my leadership abilities. I look forward to working with all County employees to implement Sutter County Board of Supervisors’ policies and goals. In addition, I embrace working collaboratively with other local governments, special districts, non-profits, private businesses, service clubs, residents, and others to improve the overall quality of life throughout Sutter County."

Supervisors Jim Whiteaker, Dan Flores, Larry Munger and Ron Sullenger voted to approve a contract with Mitnick. Supervisor Mat Conant, who was attending his first meeting as a new Board member and who was not involved in the recruitment process, abstained from voting.